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Holly & Aaron

‘He Is the Answer to My Prayers’

For bridal couple Holly Reynolds, daughter of Keith and Becky Johns, and Aaron Pinkelton, son of Rita and the late Jeff Pinkelton, it truly is a family affair. From start to finish, the couple's focus is all about bringing together the perfect blended family.

"Holly has the most kind and caring heart for me and the kids," Aaron said. The unexpected proposal was a family affair that took some planning on Aaron's part.

"Aaron got in touch with my whole family, his whole family and planned the greatest Mother's Day surprise," Holly said. "He setup a photographer to take 'family pictures' since we were all together. He gave me a picture book with memories beginning with our first date. The last page asked me to take the next step in our journey with him; I turned around to see him on one knee... his voice was shaky and his hands were clammy as he asked me to marry him."

The couple met while Aaron was on a job at a friend's house.

"My name apparently came up and she called me afterward and told me I needed to give him a chance," Holly explained. "Soon after, Aaron asked me to the Monster Jam. I did and we have been together ever since."

Holly is a graduate of Richland High School and currently works as an assistant at Re/Max.

"Aaron demonstrates true love and understanding and supports me when my life gets a little crazy," Holly said. "He grounds me when I get carried away and is compassionate when I'm feeling down. I enjoy our time together and all the laughs we share. He is the answer to my payers in every way."

Aaron is a graduate of Giles County High School and owns his own construction business, AP Construction. The couple loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing and traveling to the beach.

"We love attending our kids, Paisley and Sawyer's, activities," Holly said. "We just added a German Shepherd puppy to our family Drake."

When asked about day-to-day activities, Holly added, "I would say that we love cooking together but I'm not very good, so Aaron typically takes over."

The couple is planning a destination wedding for September in Gatlinburg, and are excited to share the day with immediate family. Plans for the honeymoon celebration are part of the couple's plans for their future.

"We have been blessed to have bought some land this year and intend to build our dream house very soon," Holly said. "We will celebrate with a honeymoon after we get our house built."

The groom is also looking forward to the future and building their lives together.

"Holly means so much to me," Aaron said. "She is such an amazing and beautiful person, which is one of the reasons I chose to marry her and I can't wait for her to be mine forever and always."

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