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Did you know?

Since Ancient Roman times, June has been a popular month for couples to tie the knot. The month's namesake, the goddess Juno, was said to be the protector of women in every aspect, but most notably in regard to marriage and childbearing. Therefore, it made sense to get married and take the first step toward creating a family in June. For practical reasons, June also has been a prime month for marriage because the month is neither especially hot nor especially cold in many areas of the world. While dressed in formalwear — whether having an outdoor wedding or an indoor one — no one wants to be overheated or uncomfortably cold.

While June is a still a popular month to get married, the wedding resource The Knot indicates that autumn, in particular the months of September and October, has overtaken summer as the most popular wedding season. Warmer-than-average temperatures in autumn over the last few years as well as a dazzling display of natural color help make the fall a popular time for nuptials. Interestingly enough, perhaps due to a slightly cooler climate, a 2015 survey from Wedding Bells found August to be the most popular month to get married in Canada, and that 67 percent of weddings in Canada that year occurred between June and September.

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