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Savannah and Cody

by Margaret Campbell
Staff Writer

You might say there was something "fishy" about the first date of Savannah Horn and Cody Bentley.

"Cody took me fishing at a creek not far from his house," Savannah explained. "I had been fishing with my dad all of my life, but I let him show me how to tie a hook on the line and bait it, just so I could stand a little closer and let him think I was impressed. I have been 'hooked' on him ever since and I still let him tie the hook on."

The June 21 nuptials of Savannah Maree Horn, the daughter of JoAnna and Matt Horn, and Cody Blake Bentley, the son of Melissa Manning and Brian and Susan Bentley, were planned for the seventh anniversary of their first date.

The outdoor, country-themed wedding was held at the bride's parents' home under a large oak tree. The bride was attended by four bridesmaids with three groomsmen for the groom.The couple's honeymoon destination is Estes Park, Colo.

Both members of the Ardmore High School class of 2013, Savannah graduated from the University of Alabama with a BSBA in Marketing and is currently the marketing assistant at First National Bank. Cody, a graduate of the North Alabama Craft Training Foundation, is a certified electrician and works for the Lee Company as a building automation systems tech.

In their spare time, the couple enjoys outdoor pursuits — hunting and fishing together. They love spending time with their two dogs, Jenny and Charlie, along with Rambo the cat.

"Cody races in the Buzz class at the Huntsville Speedway and I love to go to the races and support him," Savannah said.

Savannah and Cody first met in middle school, but didn't start dating until just before their senior year of high school, when mutual friends started hanging out together.

"There are a lot of things that made me fall in love with Cody, but the main reason is because I can be exactly who I am with him and he isn't hesitant to be just as goofy as I am," Savannah said. "Sometimes when we're in the kitchen, I'll grab his hands and tell him to dance with me. He just dances right along and hums a made-up song. He does the sweetest things without even knowing it."

"I fell in love with Savannah because of the way she puts everyone before herself and because she will always love me the same no matter what happens," Cody said.

The proposal was a complete surprise for Savannah.

"It was a few days before Christmas and a little after 10 p.m. and I was in my pajamas watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix when Cody came in from being gone all day," Savannah recalled. "He bent down on one knee; I thought he had dropped something, and then that he was just pulling a prank, and he proposed."

As far as plans for the future, Savannah is very happy with her position at First National Bank and intends on pursuing her career with them long-term. Cody enjoys his profession, for the moment, but has dreams that include opening his own boat repair business somewhere down the road. The couple are planning to build a house on some family property in Elkmont, Ala., in the not too distant future and start a family.

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