Bridal Guide

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Wedding Day

Make the first dance even more special

Donna Summer may have sung about making the most of life with her song "Last Dance" in the 1970s, but during a wedding reception most of...

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Master wedding reception seating charts

After the vows have been exchanged and couples have donned their wedding rings, newly married couples and their guests often enjoy some...

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Keep your gown wedding white

Many brides walk down the aisle in white gowns, which have long been considered the most traditional choice. Wearing white can be a...

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Save your rainy wedding day

Nature can make a couple's wedding day that much more special. Beautiful backdrops like ocean waves or rolling country hills lend a lot to...

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Provide guests with added comfort at your wedding

Weddings are special days in couples' lives. No wedding would be complete without the witnesses, including the happy friends and family...

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Add a twist to bouquet toss traditions

Part of what makes weddings such enjoyable events is the many traditions that are built into the day. Tradition lends familiarity to the...

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Did you know?

Though the idea that white wedding dresses symbolize virginity and purity is often cited as the reason behind wedding dresses being white,...

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