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Safe at Home

How building permits protect homeowners

You are thinking of making a major renovation to your home. Perhaps it's time to create that master bedroom suite you long have admired or...

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Reduce radon in your home

Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that may be lurking in homes even if homeowners are unaware of its presence. Although it is a naturally...

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Storing tools properly reduces injury risk and promotes organization

Whether homeowners have a handful of tools or an entire collection of equipment, proper storage of these items means the difference between...

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Learn how to prevent DIY injuries

Thousands of people try their hands at do-it-yourself home improvement projects every year. Whether working indoors or outdoors, wearing...

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Home safety checks to complete today

A new kitchen or a bathroom remodeling job might be dream projects for many homeowners, but the right home improvement project at a given...

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Did you know?

Just like certain exercises, home improvement projects may involve heavy lifting, bending, moving, and stretching. After spending much of...

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