Lawn & Garden Guide

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How To

Help plants survive sizzling summer heat

Many people consider summer the most enjoyable time of year, as the summer sun and warm breezes make the season perfect for rest and...

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How to keep animals out of your garden

Many gardeners understand the frustration that stems from seeing a garden destroyed by wildlife. While protecting wildlife is a cause...

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Tips for novice composters

The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that food scraps and yard waste account for between 20 and 30 percent of what we...

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Treating lawns during drought or dry periods

"Drought" can be a four-letter word to many lawncare enthusiasts. Homeowners who put in the hours and hard work to create beautiful, lush...

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Composite decking can be a smart choice

Decks add character and functionality to a home, increasing outdoor entertaining space and oftentimes improving the resale value of a home....

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Create a safe and enjoyable backyard play area

Homeowners often aspire to have attractive backyards that look like they belong in a magazine. While these can be picturesque and...

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