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School Year

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In The Classroom

Back-to-school ice breakers to ease first day fears

Parents and educators can sometimes underestimate children's anxiety over the dawn of a new school year. Many students feel nervous when...

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Strategies parents can use to motivate students

Students may need some time to adjust at the beginning of a new school year. Summer vacations typically lack the structure of the school...

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Tutoring benefits and how to find a tutor that fits

Children tend to learn at their own pace, and certain subjects may challenge them more than others. In many instances, students can benefit...

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Student cyber security precautions

Thanks to advancements in technology, students and educators are increasingly turning to birth, tablets and computers when working on daily...

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How does classroom design impact learning?

Adults who think back to their time in the classroom may remember arrangements of rows of desks and industrial-looking seating. Classroom...

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Jobs for students proficient in math

Math is an important subject and school and proficiency in arithmetic serves people well when it comes time to leave the classroom and...

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Did you know?

Ransomware is a form of malware (malicious software) that takes over a computer. Ransomware can lock down all operations on a computer and...

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