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Babysitting for grandparents

Witnessing your children getting older and starting their own lives and families can be bittersweet. There is pride that comes with seeing...

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Smart ways to embrace retirement

Retirement is on the horizon for a significant number of people. Around 10,000 people retire each day in the United States, according to a...

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Emergency preparedness tips for seniors

Natural disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, the damage is often considerable. According to the United Nations Office for...

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How to travel even if you have limited mobility

Many people dream of traveling the world in retirement. Such dreams come true every day. But many more retirees or people nearing...

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Pros and cons of joint replacement surgery

To people outside the medical field, joint replacement surgery might sound like a solution that's considered only after all other options...

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Home security tips for seniors

Seniors are often targeted by criminals. Though many criminals target seniors from afar via telephone or internet scams, criminals seek to...

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Did you know?

A 2017 report from the World Economic Forum recommended that the richest countries across the globe raise their retirement ages in order to...

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Safe senior dating

For seniors, being alone can escalate feelings of isolation. As men and women age, their social circles may begin to shrink. The health...

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