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The facts about glaucoma

When one's vision is compromised, his or her whole life can change in the blink of an eye. Many conditions can affect a person's vision,...

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Learn about the causes of adult hearing loss

Hearing loss is quite common and can impact people's lives in profound ways. Although there are some treatments that can improve one's...

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Seniors’ senses of smell and taste change with age

Aging comes with several sensory changes, many of which people expect. Loss of hearing or diminishing vision are widely associated with...

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Geriatric psychiatry provides support through aging

Many positive changes come with aging. Financial independence, freedom to pursue hobbies and more time to spend with loved ones are some...

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The importance of knowing your family medical history

When visiting a physician for the first time, patients may notice an extensive section on family history on one of the requisite forms they...

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Questions to ask when your doctor prescribes a new medicine

Though few people may want to take medicine each day, prescription drugs prolong lives and help people manage conditions that might...

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Feel your best starting with your stomach

Did you know that they key to personal health may begin in the core of the body? Doctors and researchers are learning more and more about...

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When is clumsiness a cause for concern?

Who hasn't tripped over his own feet or knocked over a water glass on a table? No one is immune to the occasional clumsiness, but some...

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Did you know?

Those poised to begin a health regimen that includes probiotics would be wise to also educate themselves about the closely named, yet...

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