Living 50 Plus

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Looking Good

Coping with age-related hair loss

Attitude goes a long way in regard to self-esteem. With a positive spin, it's possible to get through difficult situations and even have a...

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Exercise and aging: How to work out safely after 50

In an ideal world, people young and old exercise each day. But as men and women age, finding time to work out is not so easy. Commitments...

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Top causes of wrinkles

Getting older brings about many physical and emotional changes. Wrinkles are one such physical change that is widely associated with...

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Exercises to support stronger hips

Surgery is not an inevitable side effect of aging. In fact, men and women over 50 can employ various preventive techniques to strengthen...

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Learn how to sleep like a child again

Many adults lament that even if they were solid sleepers in their younger years, by the age of 50, their quality of sleep has unraveled....

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Hydrate and refresh dry skin

Dehydrated skin is among the many causes of facial wrinkling, which also can be caused by smoking, environmental factors and UV exposure....

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The right foods can fight inflammation

The human body and its immune system excels at fighting foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Signaling chemicals called interleukins...

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