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Around the Property

How to identify poison ivy

Poison ivy is an unwelcome guest on many properties. Unfortunately, many people don't recognize the presence of poison ivy on their...

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How to protect your yard from deer

With more than 60 different species of deer worldwide, there's a good chance individuals will have some sort of interaction with these...

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Create a safe, tick-free zone in your yard

Despite their diminutive stature, ticks are a big concern for people, particularly those with pets. As the weather warms, ticks are out...

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The benefits of water features in garden landscapes

Many homeowners aspire to make their homes appear as beautiful and welcoming as possible. Exterior renovations may be high on homeowners'...

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Prevent mosquitoes from spoiling your summer fun

Summer is a beloved time of year that's often dominated by time spent outdoors soaking up summer sun. But all that extra time outdoors can...

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Restore rusty tools

Many people may be tempted to discard rusty tools that have gone unused and sat in a garage or shed for a significant period of time. But...

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Did you know?

When tending to their lawns, homeowners are advised to pay attention to areas that may feature standing water. According to the World...

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