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How to control crabgrass before it appears

Homeowners who enjoy tending to their lawns know that grass is vulnerable to a host of problems, many of which appear at a time of year...

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Signs your soil might be compacted

Compacted soil can result from any number of activities, including walking on a lawn. When soil on a lawn is compacted, grass roots might...

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Potential culprits behind thinning grass

Thick grass is often a hallmark of a healthy lawn. If grass begins to thin, homeowners may feel as though all the time and effort they...

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How lawns benefit from aeration

Compacted soil can have a dramatic effect on grass. Compacted soil blocks oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching the root systems of the...

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Simple ways to prevent dog-related lawn damage

Dogs love spending time outdoors. Dog owners with yards know that dogs benefit greatly from some exercise in the backyard. While that time...

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Pools and lawns can get along

Homeowners interested in installing pools in their backyards need not worry about the potential impact of such decisions on surrounding...

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Did you know?

Oxygen is essential for the roots of grass to breathe and grow strong enough to support healthy lawns. But according to the Center for...

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