School Year

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Back to School

How to instill a love of reading in youngsters

Reading is a rewarding activity that can benefit people throughout their lives. A great way to pass time on a summer day at the beach,...

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The benefits of a strong school counseling program

Educators deserve recognition for their hard work as they help to develop the minds and attitudes of tomorrow's leaders. When offering such...

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How to help kids make friends at school

The average student likely spends more time at school and participating in extracurricular activities with classmates than he or she does...

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Pros and cons of public and private schools

Parents may have a number of options when choosing schools for their children. Public schools are responsible for educating millions of...

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Manage hectic school mornings

If a typical school morning sees your family rushing around and out the door with nary a moment to spare, only to be left feeling like you...

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Tips for grabbing the best deals on school clothes

Children and parents often look forward to the dawn of a new school year. But before the first homeroom session can take place, parents may...

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Make the transition to high school easier

Over the course of an academic career, the average student switches schools three to four times. Elementary school gives way to middle...

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Did you know?

Many stores employ "loss leaders" during the back-to-school shopping rush. Essentially, loss leaders are products sold at a loss to attract...

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