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Extracurricular activities for non-athletes

Sports are a popular activity for adults and children alike. While adults may not have the time to hit the hardwoods or toss the ball...

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How to encourage kids to love music

Music education can have a profound impact on children. According to PBS, research has found that learning music facilitates learning other...

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How to prevent busy kids from overextending themselves

Today's teenagers are busy. According to the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average high school student...

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Unique extracurricular activities that can help students stand out

When thinking of extracurricular activities, many people's first thoughts might be about team sports or group activities like the Boy...

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Tips for finding an afterschool program

Today's children grow up differently than their parents did. Technology has changed the way students learn in the classroom, but perhaps...

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How parents can get involved with kids’ extracurricular activities

Educators often note the importance of family engagement in regard to academic achievement. A strong and engaged support system at home can...

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Did you know?

Extracurricular activities have long been touted as a great way for prospective college students to bolster their college applications....

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