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In the Classroom

Giles Schools to Host Open Houses

Giles County schools are preparing for the 2019-20 academic year by inviting students and parents to join them in several open house events...

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3 tips to establishing a successful homework area

High school students have a lot on their plates. Today's parents often lament that kids' schedules are far more hectic than their own...

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Getting kids the homework help they need

Homework has long been a way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom and ensure that the learning process continues when students...

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Popular classroom learning apps

It is impossible to ignore the immense popularity of digital learning tools in today's schools. Teachers routinely turn to online tools and...

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Internet safety tips for students

The classrooms of yesteryear are distant memories. Gone are chalkboards, which have made way for smartboards. Even textbooks are slowly...

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Handling a mid-school-year move

The U.S. Census Bureau says roughly 35 million Americans move each year. In a perfect world, families who have to relocate will time their...

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Successful tips for finding a tutor

Many children are natural-born students who take to their academics like ducks to water. Others may not catch on as quickly as their...

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Did you know?

An IEP, or an individualized education program, is a document that is developed for a public school student who requires special education...

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