Living 50 Plus

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Did you know?

Heart disease can affect just about anyone. While it was once widely and mistakenly considered a man's disease, since 1984, more women than...

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Older adults can overcome gym intimidation

Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are two of the best things seniors can do to maintain their health. Exercise can delay or prevent...

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Volunteering as an older adult: How to find the right fit for your new lifestyle

Many parents feel involving their children in volunteering at an early age can have a profound, long-lasting impact on their kids. But...

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Sexual health as one ages

Aging brings about many changes in a person's body. Some of these changes, such as hair becoming gray and/or white, are widely known, while...

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How seniors can simplify everyday tasks

The ability to perform everyday tasks is something many people take for granted. But as men and women approach or exceed retirement age,...

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3 money-saving travel tips for retirees

Though a transient lifestyle is something few people aspire to during much of their lives, come retirement, the idea of staying in a place...

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