Living 50 Plus

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Addicted seniors a serious problem: Opioid use among the older population

The public is quickly learning that drug abuse goes beyond the illegal substances that are purchased on the street. Abuse of drugs extends...

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Visiting loved ones in assisted living facilities

For many seniors, a day arrives in their lives when it is no longer safe or practical to live at home alone. Assisted living facilities can...

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Signs of atrial fibrillation — and how to treat it

Palpitations of the heart or uncomfortable sensations in the chest can be distressing. Thoughts of heart attack may come to mind, and that...

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When weight loss may be worrisome

Dieting is a way of life for many people. The Boston Medical Center says an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, spending...

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Cruising tips and tricks

Cruising can be an ideal vacation for people of any age, but particularly for seniors. Cruises combine all-inclusive meal packages with...

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Why buy life insurance?

Facing one's mortality and the prospect of leaving family members behind is not always easy. Death, financial security and planning for the...

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