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School Year

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Back-to-school ice breakers to ease first day fears

Parents and educators can sometimes underestimate children's anxiety over the dawn of a new school year. Many students feel nervous when...

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Strategies parents can use to motivate students

Students may need some time to adjust at the beginning of a new school year. Summer vacations typically lack the structure of the school...

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Organized lockers keep students on track

School is often a student's home away from home. Spending an average of six hours per day and five days a week, 10 months a year in the...

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Promote healthy weight starting with school lunch

Although there are a variety of theories behind the growing obesity problem plaguing North American adults and children, the most...

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Giles County's Schools Set Open Houses

The 2018-19 school year gets underway next week in Giles County. Students report to school for a half day on Aug. 1 then report for their...

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How to make applying to college less stressful

Applying to colleges is exciting for many high school students. But that excitement is sometimes tempered by anxiety. The college...

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