Living 50 Plus

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Babysitting for grandparents

Witnessing your children getting older and starting their own lives and families can be bittersweet. There is pride that comes with seeing...

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Smart ways to embrace retirement

Retirement is on the horizon for a significant number of people. Around 10,000 people retire each day in the United States, according to a...

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Coping with age-related hair loss

Attitude goes a long way in regard to self-esteem. With a positive spin, it's possible to get through difficult situations and even have a...

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Exercise and aging: How to work out safely after 50

In an ideal world, people young and old exercise each day. But as men and women age, finding time to work out is not so easy. Commitments...

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The facts about glaucoma

When one's vision is compromised, his or her whole life can change in the blink of an eye. Many conditions can affect a person's vision,...

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Learn about the causes of adult hearing loss

Hearing loss is quite common and can impact people's lives in profound ways. Although there are some treatments that can improve one's...

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