Drive Into Spring

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Smarter driving for foggy weather

Weather patterns can be fickle. One moment it may be chilly and sunny, while the next warm and wet. As a new season arrives, fog may roll...

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Child passenger protocols to follow

Parents and caregivers take various measures to safeguard their children around their homes. The same attention to safety also extends to...

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Top tips for buying teens their first cars

Start teen drivers out with a vehicle that is not too flashy but gets high marks for safety. Selecting a first car for a teenage son or...

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How to approach buying a preowned vehicle

Vehicles are considerable investments. According to Kelley Blue Book, the estimated average transaction price for light vehicles in early...

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What to do after being involved in a car accident

Car accidents happen every day, and rare is the experienced driver who has not been involved in at least one accident during his or her...

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How to sell a vehicle with an accident history

How to sell a vehicle with an accident history Photos and other documentation can make buyers feel more comfortable about purchasing...

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