School Year

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Giles Schools to Host Open Houses

Giles County schools are preparing for the 2019-20 academic year by inviting students and parents to join them in several open house events...

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3 tips to establishing a successful homework area

High school students have a lot on their plates. Today's parents often lament that kids' schedules are far more hectic than their own...

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Extracurricular activities for non-athletes

Sports are a popular activity for adults and children alike. While adults may not have the time to hit the hardwoods or toss the ball...

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How to encourage kids to love music

Music education can have a profound impact on children. According to PBS, research has found that learning music facilitates learning other...

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How to instill a love of reading in youngsters

Reading is a rewarding activity that can benefit people throughout their lives. A great way to pass time on a summer day at the beach,...

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The benefits of a strong school counseling program

Educators deserve recognition for their hard work as they help to develop the minds and attitudes of tomorrow's leaders. When offering such...

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